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About Flint & Flame…

From its early beginnings in America, Flint & Flame was created in 2011. The company quickly identified its 3 core values;

  1. Innovative design
  2. High quality
  3. Value for money

These fundamentals will form the bedrock of all future product development, as Flint & Flame strives to establish a brand instantly recognisable for these qualities.

We aspire to become the consumer’s first choice for design, quality and value in all aspects of kitchenware and household goods.

By keeping to these values we will endeavour to first earn and then maintain the trust of customers and business partners.

The Flint & Flame (Rhineland knife range) was introduced simultaneously in the USA and UK in late 2013 and it is fair to say it has taken the industry by storm.

The brand has been developed over the last few years at large Foodies shows, such as the BBC Good Food show through to smaller county shows, where we meet and talk with our customers daily and get valuable feedback.

This feedback has been invaluable to help develop what we believe is not just the best looking knife on the market, but also (based on what our customers say) the most balanced and comfortable product they have ever used.

Our Rhineland Knives are world renowned and are crafted and designed with you in mind.

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