Flint & Flame Outdoor | Robinson

Flint & Flame Outdoor is the start of a completely new side to our business – one that provides the very highest quality of knives and accessories to those that love the outdoors.

Whether it’s for hunting, fishing, survival or camping, our aim is to develop a range of products that help you get the most from your outdoor passion.

The very first Flint & Flame Outdoor product is the Field Knife No.1 (GP) by Mike Robinson…

The Story Behind The Field Knife No.1 (GP) By Mike Robinson

“I approached the knife masters at Flint and Flame, who make all my chef knives, and asked if this was a project they could support – and they did…

As a professional Chef and hunter, Knives are my main tool both in and out of the kitchen, and I could not understand why all the hunting knives on the market today seem to work poorly.

It seemed like most of them were designed to look cool, but blade shapes are not quite right, handles and guards are unwieldy, and steel is often too hard, preventing resharpening.

14 prototypes over 2 years have helped the development of this tool – the finished prototype then dressed over 400 deer, went through the dishwasher every time, is still razor sharp, and feels like an old friend.

This knife truly works!

Our Field Knife No.1 (GP) is currently being rigorously field tested by hardened professionals all over the world, from North America to New Zealand to Africa. The universal feedback is: No failures, no breakages, and here we have a knife for life…”

You can find out more about the Field Knife No.1 (GP) by Mike Robinson, or purchase it today from our online shop.