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Knife Skills Classes

Owning a piece of Rhineland Cutlery is a real pleasure. A thing of real beauty, craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, it can take your love of cooking to a new level.

But in order to get the very best from your Rhineland Cutlery, you’ll need to have the right knife skills – something you can now achieve with the help of Flint & Flame…

Introducing ‘The Essentials Knife Skills Class’

Held at our Rhode Island Showroom & Experience Center, the knife handling master class will help you take your cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing to a whole new level.

Under the expert guidance of Chef Zeke you’ll learn an impressive range of skills, techniques and cooking insider secrets, including…

  • How to master everyday cutting techniques including Julienne, Batonnet and Planking
  • Discover fantastic time saving tips and maybe even some chef secrets!
  • How to prepare soups, stock, salads or sauces
  • The core skills you need to prepare your food quickly, efficiently and safely
  • Some of the classic French cooking terms such as Mirepoix, Chiffonade and many more!

More importantly, it’ll change the way you prepare your meals, from the kid’s lunchbox for school to that beautiful dinner party that your friends and neighbors will long remember.

So why not join us to learn, laugh and enjoy with great people, in wonderful surroundings? You’ll even get to keep all the food that you chop!

This ‘Essential Class’ costs just $60 per person and can be booked by calling us on (401) 369-9909 or emailing us to enquire about dates.