Flint & Flame Thanksgiving Set


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Our very special Thanksgiving set not only provide you with a 16″Cutting Board and 9″ Carving Knife, but it also comes personalised with etching on both the board and the knife.

Here’s some  more detail about each item…

16″ Cutting Board

Made from ethically sourced, aged bamboo, this sturdy cutting board features helpful grip handles and a slick-looking stainless-steel rim.

The board is easy to pick up and clean and has a low impact surface, meaning your knives won’t dull and require sharpening as often.

It’s perfect for carving a roast, as a charcuterie board, or as a cheese board. In fact, you can use it exactly how you want and whatever food you choose to prepare or serve on it, it’ll handle it and look great doing it.

9″ Carving Knife

Carving a joint of meat is so much easier when you have the right tools for the job.

Slightly larger than most, the 9” Carving Knife will tackle all types of joints, roasted poultry, fowl and even a hog roast.

The larger blade means less sawing and less scoring on your topside joint as you slice it. It has a razor-sharp point, making it ideal for both boned and boneless joints.