Pro Series Field Knife Set


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The Rhineland Pro Series Field Knife Set includes all the knives from the Hunter’s Knife Set, PLUS the now famous, Field Knife No.1 (GP by Mike Robinson, which you’re getting for just $200 (normal price is $250 when bought separately).

Influenced by our friend Mike, star of the Outdoor Channels show, Farming the Wild, this fantastic set provides everything you need for dressing, skinning, butchering preparing and cooking in the field.

The set includes:

Robinson Field Knife No.1 – The first hunting knives designed for function and form by a world renowned hunter, chef and owner of Michelin starred restaurants, Michael Robinson.

8″ Chef Knife – Classic Chef knife with our Pro Series high impact silicone handle for a perfect grip. Every chef/cook needs a good Chef knife.

7″ Fillet Knife – A versatile fillet knife that’s not just for fish as it also makes a great carving knife too. Uses our Pro Series high impact silicone handle. 

6″ Boning Knife – One of our most popular knives with hunters. Perfect for trimming, boning, even field dressing and skinning, the perfect size blade.

5″ Utility Knife – Utility/paring knife that’s the ideal for peeling, and all those intricate jobs. Can also double as a great dinner knife.

Waxed Knife Roll – Our beautiful, robust and durable knife roll made of high quality wax canvas. Will withstand the outdoors, keeping all your knives safe and right where you need them.

Lockable Knife Covers – Keeping your knives, and your hands, completely safe whilst not in use.