Pro Series Camper’s Knife Set


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The Rhineland Pro Series Camper’s Knife Set is perfect, whether you are away for the weekend or longer. It provides all that you need for your meal prep work. This set combines large and small knives, as well as the versatile serrated bread knife.

All safely locked in our blade protectors and stored in the wax knife roll so you and your fellow campers have everything right where you need it on your travels.

The set includes:

8″ Chef Knife – Classic Chef knife with our Pro Series high impact silicone handle for a perfect grip. Every chef/cook needs a good Chef knife.

9″ Offset Bread Knife – Our offset bread knife has a double sided scallop serrated blade with offset handle to keep fingers safe. Perfect for a confined space environment, and not just for bread? 

6″ Santoku Knife – The ‘must have’ home and campers mid-size Santoku chef knife, for large and small hands alike. An essential knife that utilizes our high impact silicone handle.

5″ Utility Knife – Utility/paring knife that’s the ideal for peeling, and all those intricate jobs. Can also double as a great dinner knife.

Waxed Knife Roll – Our beautiful, robust and durable knife roll made of high quality wax canvas. Will withstand the outdoors, keeping all your knives safe and right where you need them.

Lockable Knife Covers – Keeping your knives, and your hands, completely safe whilst not in use.