Flint & Flame 16″ Round Cutting Board


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This 16’’ diameter bamboo chopping board provides a safe, natural, antibacterial cutting surface for modern cooks. It comes with a spacious circular cutting surface for chopping, slicing, or dicing food items.

The matured bamboo material is held together by natural glue and the surface smoothened to give the board a seamless top surface. The renewable bamboo cutting board only absorbs little moisture, thus making it durable and resistant to bacteria.

One side of the board features a circular au jus tray that holds dripping food juices and prevents them from running from the board. You can now concentrate on achieving the perfect slices when cutting ingredients without worrying about the mess you will leave behind. The reverse side of the board is flat and can be used as a Charcuterie board. Alternatively, one side can be used for meat and veg and one side for fish.

Stainless steel handles allow easy food transfer, and it can hold the board on a hanging rack when it is not in use. The highly matured bamboo wood is thick and sturdy, thus ensuring that the board holds up well under heavy-duty use. The wooden surface yields to the impact of the knife effortlessly to keep your knives’ sharp edges sharper for longer.

When cleaning the board, only wipe its surface and avoid submerging it in water. Hang the board to air dry after cleaning and do not wash it in the dishwasher. Note that the board’s bamboo wooden surface may require polishing after some time.