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Testimonials from Celebrity and Professional Chefs

“There isn’t anything more frustrating and dangerous in a kitchen than a dull knife. You need a blade that is almost surgical grade and that’ll stay that sharp throughout many uses before you need to sharpen it again.

Flint & Flame’s Rhineland knives provide just that, and way more. They’re very comfortable, beautiful and the high quality German steel they use keeps them super sharp for a long time.

When I need a clean and polished cut or slice, I grab my Rhineland 8″ Chef’s knife knowing that it will be as sharp as when I used it for the first time. I can’t imagine working without it.”

Andres Dangond
Executive Chef / Owner of the award-wining restaurant The Cut in Irvine, CA
Director of Culinary Development for Lynx Grills, Inc.


“My first cut with these knives made my craft better. They are in my restaurant, my home and now with me when I travel to compete. 

I have been in this business over 30 years and have used many knives. These knives are just simply comfortable. My Custom logo on the knives makes them that much sweeter!“

Gregg Brackman
Chef and Owner of G Bar & Kitchen, Swampscott MA.


“Whether I am on the job or at home Flint and Flame knives are always by my side.  The comfortable curve of the handle makes prepping easier on my hands. 

The signature Carbon steel is perfect for the even the most intricate knife cuts.  Flint and Flame knives will help you bring your cuisine to the next level!”

Christine Hazel
Chopped Champion. Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 Contestant. United Way Cause Champion


“Having worked with all types of knives over the last 2 decades, my new Flint & Flame line of Rhineland Cutlery knives are, in my opinion, the best on the market! They are perfectly balanced German steel with a razor sharp edge.

Whether it’s a private 7 course dinner or a large Food Network event, a Chef Kev D Series Flint & Flame knife is always in my hand.

You don’t have to be a professional Chef to feel like one when using these knives. No matter what your craft, you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes when you have the best set of tools”!

Kevin Des Chenes
Executive Chef/Restaurateur & TV Personality


“So, as you all know I do not endorse anything I do not believe is good quality! That being said. Over the last couple of weeks I have been using a knife that was given to me by the Co- Founder of Flint & Flame USA and Flint & Flame UK Steven Mould.

I have put this knife through the ringer these last couple of weeks, without sharpening it! Today I gave the knife it’s final test, the tomato test. It went through a case of tomatoes (50) with ease.

If you all want a great knife that stands up to my test and beyond! I recommend getting in touch with Steven to purchase your very own knife. It will last you a life time! Not only is this knife top quality but, perfectly balanced and the polished handle is made perfectly for anyone, even a beginner! I look forward to adding more of these knives to my collection soon!”

Chef Mike Fucci
Food Network Champion


“As a professional chef, knives are the cornerstone of my working life. They are more than just a tool, they are at the heart of what we do. The alchemy of turning raw ingredients into wonderful dishes.

A great chef knife should fit the hand like a glove and be an extension of the arm. Flint & Flame’s Rhineland Knife range tick all the boxes for me and I’m happy to recommend them.”

Mike Robinson
Chef and owner of The Michelin starred Harwood Arms in Fulham and the beautiful Pot Kiln in Berkshire