Field Knife No.1 (GP) by Mike Robinson


The Field Knife No.1 (GP) is one of the first hunting knives designed for function and form by a world renowned hunter, chef and owner of Michelin starred restaurants, Michael Robinson.


Mike’s passion for ethical hunting and the well-being of the animal and species are as important to him as the quality of the food they provide.

So, when it comes to the knife he chooses to use for his craft, it not only has to perform all the tasks asked of it to the highest of standards, but it has to respect and honor the animal it’s being used on.

That’s why the new Field Knife No.1 (GP) by Mike Robinson was designed without compromise and brought to life by Flint & Flame using their knife expertise.

The end result is a knife that Mike firmly believes is the best hunting knife available.

How the knife is made…

The blade is Sandvik 12 C 27. This steel was settled on after much arguing because of its perfect balance of properties.

The Swedish steel is hard enough to take and hold a good edge, but has sufficient carbon to resharpen easily. 3mm thick, the blade is rigid and very strong.

It is stainless enough to resist the corrosive elements of blood, and puts up with going through the dishwasher repeatedly. It is very expensive however – but good things are worth paying for.

The handle is made from G10, a woven fibreglass style compound that is resistant to almost everything you can throw at it. The shotgun style checkering and vertical grooves give amazing grip, even when skinning a fatty Wild Boar.

The slim Brass bolster is aesthetically pleasing and helps you find the knife if you put it down in the grass or on the ground.

The signature cartridge in the butt of the knife is a British .303 by Hornady. This great calibre is an important part of Mike’s  heritage and of course is a rimmed round, so it grips the tab of the sheath to secure the knife. It also opens bottles!


Dr James Kroll: World renowned deer biologist and deer management expert. Author of numerous books on Whitetail deer management.

“Mike Robinson has invented the perfect deer knife.”

Niall Rowantree: Owner of West Highland Hunting and 5th generation professional deer stalker.

“This is a well designed, highly functional, durable tool that is completely fit for purpose. It is now the go to knife for me and my team.”

Dr Achim Meyer-Breckwoldt: One of Germanys top Veterinary surgeons and master hunter.

“This is a great hunting knife with a noble design. It works precisely like a scalpel and will become my best hunting companion.”

Duncan Fraser: Cardrona Safaris New Zealand

“I just wanted to touch base after a busy hunting season here in New Zealand. I have put your knife through its paces for the past 5 months, and I can only say fantastic things about it.

Finally a great all purpose knife designed by a professional hunter for hunters.
I will be ordering knives for all our professional hunters here at Cardrona Safaris. Thanks again.”